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Brenda works closely with adults and youth in confronting their addictions and exploring their journeys that led to using. Her genuine care, active listening, and trauma informed approach brings sensitivity to diverse human feelings and behaviors. In establishing relationships of trust and safety, she brings people to the difficult work of counselling across the full continuum of life problems. By tailoring her counselling approaches to align with their skills and needs, clients can feel an increase of control and confidence to reduce crisis and find real solutions.

In focus, Brenda has been contracted by the Department of Justice for the past 11 years, providing treatment and support for youth incarcerated and in transition to community. Using music therapy interventions in the field of correctional services keeps young people engaged and motivated to work together.

Music stimulates processes in the brain that have been impaired and damaged. Music can also positively motivate the powerful influences in addiction such as craving, loss of control and ignoring adverse negative consequences which both share the brain’s pleasure centre.

Working with you to discover your unique strategy, allows for a holistic and empowering plan to manage your daily goals with courage and hope.

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