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There are many reasons for the downturn in general mental health issues and increased diagnosis especially in high anxiety and lower self-esteem. Adults and youth are struggling, and our efforts to involve families and communities in engaging people to work together is of critical importance. Maintaining a client-centered strength based approach, tools using active listening can determine the best method, e.g. CBT, narrative or creative approaches.

Along with counselling, rigorous research demonstrates the positive effects music therapy outcomes such as:

  • decreasing symptoms and improving functioning in people with depression;

  • improving mental state, global state and social functioning in people with schizophrenia; and

  • reducing depressive symptoms in people with substance abuse disorders.

Cognitive-behavioral music therapy is meant to help facilitate emotion regulation, as music is used as a training mechanism. Skills such as improving selective attention or asking for help are trained and rehearsed, first under musical circumstances and subsequently in everyday life.

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