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Music Therapy

Let’s heal with music…

All individuals at any level of cognitive or physical functioning can participate in music therapy. Throughout our lives, our thoughts, memories and structure are rooted in music. When we work with an accredited music therapist, the therapeutic process develops using music as a tool and in locating our own meaning of music and our unique musical life.

Services include both group and individual programs. The process of music therapy includes an assessment, developing a treatment plan and implementing the appropriate interventions and evaluating their effectiveness. Some of the ways we use music include:

  • Listening to Music (and developing meaningful playlists)

  • Singing, toning and vocalizing

  • Playing Instruments

  • Dancing and movement

  • Composing, songwriting and recording music

  • Imagery (guided or not) Relaxation

  • Improvising in styles, rhythm and instruments

  • Lyrics Analysis

  • Music Reminiscence and Memory relation

  • Performing or recording music

  • Life review and legacy Work, setting our lifecycle to music; also common to palliative care settings

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