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Speech Development & Neurological Conditions

Let’s connect through music…

In treating traumatic brain injury or speech development for a variety of diagnosis such as childhood apraxia or aphasia, research supports using connections between speech and singing, rhythm and motor behavior, memory for song and memory for academic material.

Music is processed in our brains in different areas than speech and languages, so provides a bridge absorbing information while promoting skills for speech production. Using music to organize our brains, when playing an instrument with a right hand, we stimulate the left side of the brain which is where the centre of language and speech lives.

New neuropathways improve brain function which treat and maintain neurological conditions. Neurological music therapy involves the elements of music as a stimulus to reach non-musical goals in physical movement, speech, cognition and other abilities. People who have cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, down syndrome, autism, genetic disorders and Alzheimer’s/dementia can all benefit and improve with music therapy intervention.

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