The Therapists at Sound Connections

Our therapists help you develop strategies for coping, learning and healing by connecting a wealth of skills and positive vision.

We facilitate groups and private one-on-one care, giving you supportive tools, services and resources to reach the outcomes you are looking for.


Brenda Johnson
Brenda JohnsonMEdCounselling, CCC, RCT, MTA
Brenda has a vast background in supporting, mentoring and assisting people in their search for their best selves.

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Sarah McInnis
Sarah McInnisBachelor of Music Therapy
Sarah is a dedicated therapist who nurtures a safe environment using music for all ages and abilities.
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Student Practicum Counselling available September – April only.

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Visit Sea-Esta Wellness Centre and Community Music Studio

When you arrive at Sea-Esta, you are invited to enjoy the tranquil surroundings of sea shore and trees. Located on the Bay of Fundy Minas Basin, the beach and land extends the therapeutic boundaries in an outside or inside space to relax.

Visit Sea-esta