Sound Connections Therapy Services is growing!

As a community-based practice, and in partnership with Acadia University, we are providing a student practicum placement. This onsite and telehealth environment will expand individual and group sessions promoting accessibility, neurodiversity, and cultural contexts in a supervised and experiential counselling environment. This collaboration creates a cost accessible low-barrier solution for inviting people into a safe space accessing help to heal and confront the life solutions which need additional support.

This service is available September – May only.


A practicum is a work experience which is usually following most of the course work for the Masters Program. The student is supervised by the practicum site and the University for a total of 500 hours which will occur over an eight-month period. The student counsellor will uphold the CCPA Code of Ethics to include professional standards and confidentiality.
Please complete an intake form function by pressing the “submit my intake” button below. This intake form will be reviewed and accessed to determine the reasons for counselling, the skills required, and recommendations for accessing support. You will be contacted by a counsellor and a profile will be set up for you which will lead to a booking.
Counselling can be done in person, online or by phone only. For online appointments “Jane” is the app in which we recommend to ensure your safety and confidentiality. The app is free and easy to download on your phone, tablet, or computer.
All sessions will have an administration cost of $5.00 which can be paid in person by cash or e-transfer in advance of session.

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