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Brenda Johnson, MEdCounselling, CCC, RCT, MTA

I have been able to work with people of all ages and needs. My training and experience has provided me with a trauma informed approach using a variety of tools and resources to meet you where you are, and reach the goals you want in your life changes. Over the last 11 years I have worked extensively with trauma (PTSD), addictions, at-risk behaviors, parenting, violence, abuse, neglect, and facing the pain of difficult relationships and loss. This work can be done individually, in groups or in families. In seeking therapy, you need to have the security of a non-judgmental and compassionate person who can move you from feelings of vulnerability or shame and instead find self-love and motivation to make changes. I’ll be there for you.


Brenda Johnson is a Registered Counselling Therapist and Supervisor with the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists and Canadian Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling Psychotherapy Association. Brenda also is an Accredited Music Therapist with the Canadian Association of Music Therapy and Atlantic Association for Music Therapy.

  • Registered Counselling Therapist, and Counselling Therapist Supervisor,  Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT)
  • Certified Canadian Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
  • Accredited Music Therapist – Canadian Association for Music Therapy (CAMT)
  • Professional Member of the Atlantic Association for Music Therapy (AAMT)
  • Masters Degree in Counselling (Acadia University 2012)
  • Bachelor of Music Therapy (Acadia University 2009)

In RCT supervision, the required 2,000 hours over two years is a considerable investment in a counselling therapist’s future. The supervision relationship is of critical importance in ensuring you have the guidance and expertise to expand your skills and prepare yourself for independent practice. As a current supervisor supporting practicing candidates with specialities in spiritual, equine, art-based and school stream counselling, Brenda embraces the varieties of approaches and applications which highlight practitioners strengths.

Brenda offers a supervised placement approximately once per year, following the completion of a university degree in music therapy. The music therapist in training completes a 1000 hour supervised internship. During the internship, the successful applicant as a music therapy intern, consolidates their knowledge and skills, develops competence with one or more clinical populations and gradually assumes the full range of responsibilities of a professional music therapist. Upon completion of this internship, graduates are eligible to take the CBMT* Exam and after passing this exam, can apply for MTA Certification signifying they are qualified to work in the field and will adhere to the CAMT Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. *Certification Board of Music Therapists: Brenda offers placements including long term care, and creative arts.

Brenda has a vast background in supporting, mentoring and assisting people in their search for their best selves. She offers over a decade of private practice experience in meeting the unique needs of individuals and groups living with a variety of challenges.

Working with Brenda…

Brenda works in forensic environments, rehabilitation facilities, justice department, shelters, victim services, child protection, court services, schools and private clients in community. She enjoys supervising and mentoring Acadia University students and other partners who are expanding their knowledge base and seeking solutions and support.

Brenda enjoys liaising between community groups and agencies, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams in providing training, group facilitation, key notes, presentations and course instruction including graduate level work. She also hosts community events, concerts and retreats for health promotion in personal development, relaxation and customized corporate professional days promoting creativity.

A Creative Therapist…

As a creative therapist, Brenda develops new programs to engage a wide variety of individuals and groups in accessing effective supports and direction, and to address the potential in community collaboration and facilitation needed to optimize accessible care. She specializes in working with children, adolescents and individuals who have experienced trauma, engage in at risk behaviors, or struggle with developmental or learning differences and neurological conditions.

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